Why Integration is key to Customer Experience?

Why Integration is key to Customer Experience?

Most probably you have read for some time now stats saying that Customer Service and Customer Interactions are moving to Digital Channels and the many benefits this move can bring. For example, according to McKinsey by digitizing customer service, customer satisfaction can be increased by 33% and costs can be cut back by 25 – 35%. But what is the reality in terms of the first touch points of customer experience?

The reality is that when looking at statistics, somewhere between 40% to 60% of customer interactions take place through “traditional” non-digital channels. This means the customer interaction is either through a call center agent or a sales or customer service executive.

This makes us think that even though Customer Experience today is very much focused on Digital Channels, the reality is that a company or brand needs to provide a great customer experience on these “traditional” channels as well. And in order for them to do that, they need to consider where the information lays, and how to integrate processes and teams, making integration a key element in their ability to offer that great Customer Experience.

  • Complete Customer Profile Information.- Integration is key at building a complete customer profile, covering products & services he/she has bought, support and service requests, and what marketing campaigns and promotions he/she has received, and taken action on. It sounds simple, but it is not an easy task, rather a challenging integration issue.
  • Integration of line of Business Applications.- As more companies expand their lines of services or products, there is a need to integrate all the products and services the customer is consuming, including those from the company itself and/or its partners.
  • Re-organization and integration of Customer Cervice teams.- How many times when in contact with a Call Center you hear from the agent “let me transfer you to my colleague”? And then the process starts all over again. With help of integration and automation, this hand-over can be significantly improved.
  • Integration of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.- It is well known that marketing and sales teams are not aligned, let alone sales and service teams. The ability for a sales executive to see the open support tickets of a customers is still not a reality in many companies. Again, integration and common information if a key element here.

Integration is a very well known issue, and it has been identified as a key part of the Digital Transformation agenda, but keep in mind that “traditional channels” still play a big role in your Customer Experience efforts.

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